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10 Randomly Chosen Links

Grannd Garb
A superb place to get reasonably priced corset hardware, fabric, laces, trimmings, and so much more.
Guyver Bio-Armor Construction Site. An extensive database on the tools and process of creating fiberglass costume pieces. Also a good information source for other processes, such as vacuum forming, body casting, etc.

The Fitting Room
Another good source for affordable corset supplies.

Samurai, Ninja & Medieval Japan Site
information resource for all sorts of things, including kimono, traditional weapons & armor, history and much more.

Highly recommended for affordable high quality long wigs. Intriguing cosmetic selection as well.

News Veritas
General information site for cosplay, from a wearer's POV.

Tandy Leather Co.
The 1st stop in your search for hides, leather working tools and accessories.

Wow Wigs
Another huge site for wigs.

Fantasy Props
The place to go for the coolest props & super size resin jewels.
Great place to show off your completed costumes, now offereing an extensive selection of shoes, wigs, and accessories through Cosworx.