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10 Randomly Chosen Links

Sexy Shoes
Terrific selection of shoes, boots, & hosiery.

Folkwear Patterns
Huge selection of ethnocentric sewing patterns. European, African, Asian, Native American, hisorical, and vintage. Highly recommended!

Richard the Thread
Patterns, corsets, fasteners, dressforms, pressing & storage supplies.

This to That
Glue and adhesive information.

Great prices for bulk sewing notions & supplies, like zippers, elastic, velcro, etc.

The Vistar Armoury
Plate, chain mail, & leather armor. Beautiful workmanship.

Samurai, Ninja & Medieval Japan Site
information resource for all sorts of things, including kimono, traditional weapons & armor, history and much more.

Display & Costume Supply
Theatrical makeup, costume fabrics, supplies, and accessories, floral & craft departments, party supplies & more! One of my favorite stores!

Asian World of Martial Arts
All kinds of martial arts uniforms, weapons, and armor.

Katie Bair's Wigs & Accessories
Competition is tough for her wigs, but she and her friends do some lovely work. Well worth the effort!