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10 Randomly Chosen Links

Asian World of Martial Arts
All kinds of martial arts uniforms, weapons, and armor.

Dillon Works
They manufacture the interiors and exteriors of their clients' wildest imaginings. They also do mascots and puppets. Hats off to them! They are simply awe inspiring.

Abbyshot Custom Clothiers
Based in Canada, willing to ship to the US. Excellent reproductions of Trigun, Matrix, Kingdom Hearts, Firefly, and other media outerwear. Sugoi!!

The Vistar Armoury
Plate, chain mail, & leather armor. Beautiful workmanship.

Sexy Shoes
Terrific selection of shoes, boots, & hosiery.

Great prices for bulk sewing notions & supplies, like zippers, elastic, velcro, etc.

SCA Boots
Lots of tall boots with low heels, men's and women's, knee and thigh high.

Shipwreck Beads
Positively huge bead & jewelry supply store in Olympia, WA. 80,000 sq. ft. of stuff. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.

Samurai, Ninja & Medieval Japan Site
information resource for all sorts of things, including kimono, traditional weapons & armor, history and much more.

Richard the Thread
Patterns, corsets, fasteners, dressforms, pressing & storage supplies.