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10 Randomly Chosen Links
Guyver Bio-Armor Construction Site. An extensive database on the tools and process of creating fiberglass costume pieces. Also a good information source for other processes, such as vacuum forming, body casting, etc.

Shipwreck Beads
Positively huge bead & jewelry supply store in Olympia, WA. 80,000 sq. ft. of stuff. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.

Wow Wigs
Another huge site for wigs.

Tandy Leather Co.
The 1st stop in your search for hides, leather working tools and accessories.

Snaz75 Shoes & Boots
Wide selection of platform and/or stiletto shoes & boots for women, some for men, too.

SCA Boots
Lots of tall boots with low heels, men's and women's, knee and thigh high.

Cosplay Lab
Another place to show off your costumes. One of my faves!

Doctored Locks Extension Supply
Competitively priced wig making supplies, very helpful staff & fast, friendly service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Abbyshot Custom Clothiers
Based in Canada, willing to ship to the US. Excellent reproductions of Trigun, Matrix, Kingdom Hearts, Firefly, and other media outerwear. Sugoi!!

Ace Wigs
Huge selection of wigs and accessories.